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Milano Disc

Milano Disc


Embrace the thrill of city cycling with the sleek and sophisticated Minelli Milano Disc Bike – the ultimate fusion of unrivaled performance, unparalleled comfort, and unmatched elegance! Conquer the urban landscape with ease as you navigate through bustling streets aboard this stunning masterpiece, expertly crafted to transform your daily commute into a captivating adventure. With its lightweight aluminum frame and responsive hydraulic disc brakes, the Milano Disk Bike delivers exceptional maneuverability and control, allowing you to confidently tackle busy roads and steep inclines. The Shimano drivetrain ensures smooth and precise gear shifts, further enhancing your riding experience in any urban setting. Sink into the plush, ergonomic saddle and let the Milano Disk Bike's rigid and responsive frame carry you through mile after mile of exhilarating city riding. And with its eye-catching design and bold color options, you'll be turning heads and igniting envy wherever you go. So go ahead – elevate your cycling experience to new heights and indulge in the sheer excitement of the Minelli Milano Disk Bike. Your urban adventure awaits!


    Introducing the Minelli Milano Disc Bike, an urban cyclist's dream come true! Feast your eyes on the impressive specs of this sleek, stylish, and high-performing machine:

    Frame: Lightweight and durable aluminum alloy frame, expertly crafted for agility and responsiveness in urban environments

    Brakes: Ultra-responsive Shimano hydraulic disc brakes, offering exceptional stopping power and control in all conditions

    Drivetrain: High-quality Shimano drivetrain, ensuring smooth and precise gear changes for a seamless riding experience

    Saddle: Comfortable and ergonomic Vader saddle, designed for ultimate support during long rides

    Handlebar: Stylish and ergonomic handlebar, providing excellent control and a comfortable grip

    Wheels: Lightweight and robust wheels, built for optimal performance and durability on city streets

    Tires: Durable and reliable road tires, designed for excellent traction and performance on a variety of surfaces

    Pedals: Sturdy and slip-resistant pedals, ensuring a secure and stable platform for your feet

    Accessories: Integrated lighting system, ensuring visibility and safety during nighttime rides

    Warranty: Limited 1-year warranty on the frame, rigid fork, and original component parts, including E-bikes and Minelli brand framesets

    Upgrade your city cycling experience with the Minelli Milano Disk Bike, where superior performance, outstanding comfort, and undeniable style come together to create the ultimate urban ride!



    Returns and Refunds

    BICYCLE Cancellation Policy

    Bicycle(s) may be cancelled if they have not been picked up from the chosen retailer. Minelli Canada will refund the full value of the bicycle minus any potential restocking/processing fees.

    BICYCLE Return Policy

    Bicycle(s) may be returned to the Retailer at which the bike was picked up from for a refund from Minelli Bicycle Canada. The Bicycle must be in NEW condition and that condition is at the sole discretion of the retailer to determine. Bicycle(s) that show sign(s) of being ridden, including, but not limited to, dirty tires or grips, worn brake pads, scuffed crankarms may not be returned. The item must be in its original packaging.

    For all accepted returns Minelli Canada will refund the full value of the bicycle purchase minus a 2% processing fee and any potential restocking fees.

    Your refund will be processed by Minelli Bicycle Canada within 72 hours of approval. Depending on your credit card company, it may take an additional 2-10 business days before a credit is posted to your account. Please note: the Authorized Minelli Dealer cannot process the refund directly, it must be processed by Minelli Bicycle Canada via the same online method as purchased.

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